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The group performs Indian music
in bajan and qawwali styles.
Harmonium, tabla, sitar, guitar.

The group "Sonalika" was formed very spontaneously in 2001.
Although its lineup changed a bit,
the essence of the group remained untouched.
Lyrics of bajans and quavalli the group performs,
were written by great poets. The lyrics describe general spiritual
roots of all existing religions
and tell about the fact,
that God is in the heart of each single person.
Only sincerity can draw us nearer to understand what we really are.
Indian classical music balances the man and helps him or her in
understanding the world that surrounds us and the real place of an
individual in it.
As the music contains such a load of positive energy all the listeners
always leave Sonalika's concerts with relaxed, smiling faces.
To understand it you should experience it.


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